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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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do you think the fbi recommend hillary clinton be indicted based on what we know? thanks for being with us. i don't know where my football went. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. where did it go? "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> if i'm fortunate enough to be your president, we're going to roll up our sleeves and get to work because that's when we're at our best. >> hillary clinton could lose. talking points will tell you how and why. also, the latest polling cannot be pleasing the clinton campaign. >> there is new evidence into the fbi's investigation that the clinton foundation is not dead. >> secretary clinton has new problems on the foundation front. we'll have the latest information on that very important story. >> what is great about this country? s hill billiesliquor. wants. >> also, watters going to west virginia to ask the folks what's good about the country and what's not so
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good. >> would you ever take me hunting? >> you know, i would. i don't know if you could keep up. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. congratulations to the chicago cubs, world series champs. joe mad done and his crew deserve it and we will talk about it in the tip of the day. but, first, hillary clinton could lose the election. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. most of polls say the same thing. donald trump's gaining momentum. fnc's analysis of the electoral college now has hillary clinton only slightly above the 270 votes needed to win there should be grave concern in the clinton camp. the reason the secretary may lose is that the tipping point may have been reached. if you are familiar with
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malcolm gladwell's theory bad things mount up and then suddenly at a dramatic moment everything comes crashing down. for hillary clinton, the fbi may be the tipster. not only is the email investigation now reopened but fox news is reporting that the clinton foundation also under heavy scrutiny by federal investigators. we will give you the facts on both stories in just a few moments. it seems many voters are becoming disenchanted with the entire clinton situation because the controversies are seemingly endless. we're not talking about fervent democrats or liberal zealots. we're talking about ordinary americans who vote on the basis of what is best for the country. now, early in the campaign, talking points gave hillary clinton some good advice and that was to speak directly to the american people through a series of interviews. explain the email stuff. spell out the clinton foundation controversy, give
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straight answers to straight questions. the clinton campaign told us she would likely do an interview with the factor. that has turned out not to be true. even when mrs. clinton did appear here on the phone talking about the terror attack in france, she indicated she was going to speak with me. but this isn't personal. since september 12th hillary clinton has not done one, not one national television interview with a journalist. she is hiding. she is also impurest, feeling she is above questioning. if elected president you can expect very little interaction with the press or with the folks from secretary clinton. so all of this, the continuing ethical problems, the detachment from the voters, the attitude that she deserves the presidency, all of it is playing into her declining poll numbers. there are five days left before the vote. we expect more hacking leaks and perhaps some new
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personal attacks on donald trump. but the only thing holding mrs. clinton up right now is mr. trump's negatives. but they will not mean very much if the marginal clinton support stays home on election day. and that's a very real possibility. summing up, hillary clinton thought she had the election locked up but she could very well find herself defeated come november 8th. the tipping point may have been reached. and that's the memo. now for the top story, two investigations concerning secretary clinton. fox news anchor bret baier broke the story last night. the fbi is seriously looking at the clinton foundation trading access for charitable money. joining us from washington with the latest chief d.c. correspondent james rosen. all right, james, what do you have for us tonight? >> so, bill, we all know that the fbi has reopened the investigation in to secretary clinton's private server. separate from that, a well-placed source inside the fbi confirmed to me tonight that there are indeed two parallel fbi probes here.
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the email case and the clinton foundation case with the latter probe ongoing for more than a year as bret baier and others have been reporting. i am told that the consensus view among fbi agents is that the foundation case is stronger than the email case now, but chiefly because of the way the email case was handled in particular the agents are just furious that james comey and the doj, for example, authorized immunity deals for both cheryl mills and heather samuel son, two lawyers for hillary clinton. the latter of human actually revealed all emails for her rather than using the immunity grant with one of them as leverage to have her flip. >> let me stop threw. the other thing is we know there whereas no grand jury so everything had a funnel through a political process in the justice department run bylor let that lynch, the attorney general who is under deep suspicion now that she is covering for hillary clinton. let's get back to the foundation. the essential fbi allegation or what they're interested
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in as secretary of state hillary clinton allowed people to donate money and then they got favors in return? is that what it is? >> right. this would be called in what the agents -- the terminology they would use is a public corruption case. they're investigating whether there were improper relationships between hillary clinton's state department and the clinton foundation where the allegation goes if you gave a certain amount of money to the foundation, then you received favors of some kind, some benefit from the clinton state department. we should point out that the clinton campaign and clinton foundation all deny any wrongdoing. >> of course. >> i have one other update for you. one other point i wanted to make. with regard to the email case, which, again, has been reopened by the fbi, i asked this source inside the fbi, a veteran with decades of experience, if there is a single individual within the fbi who believes that the secretary of state's private server wasn't hacked. and this source said no. and added it's pretty certain she was hacked and the source told me. >> there are fingerprints
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that they can see if it was hacked. but i don't want to do speculation rosen tonight. when you get who has hacked it and what they got, then that's going to be huge and we appreciate it very much as always. let's go to ed henry who is always in washington this evening. is he following the email situation. what's going on in that precinct, henry. >> bill, a couple of major developments and here is why it matters. number one, we are hearing tonight as the fbi sifts through. so emails on anthony weiner wants laptop that some of them, in fact, connect between hillary clinton and huma abedin. why is that significant? last weekend when this story broke about james comey sort of renewing this, the clinton camp tried to spin it and say this is just huma's emails, nothing to do with hillary clinton and it's probably just duplicates. stuff we have seen in previous document dumps. and fbi source telling me tonight no. they're getting hits on things that are new, that they had not seen before. so it raises more questions about veracity. >> let me stop you there. so what would the fbi would be looking for would be national security
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information going from hillary clinton's private server, all right, which we all know she has used and she has admitted it into ms. abedin's computer, which anthony weiner has access to. >> and he did not have a security clearance. he was no longer in congress in recent years. why would he have access to that? here is another big thing. a big development today from wikileaks. i'm sifting through all these emails and there is a couple there in which they were -- clinton's own aides in 2015 were raising questions about did she really turn over all official email like she told the public? remember, she said i only deleted the personal ones that had to deal with yoga routines. her own staff was doubting that. they had a question amongst themselves. what did she call personal? stuff with huma abedin and cheryl mills because they are close friends? hillary clinton never answered that why is that significant? it ties back to what james rosen just reported. huma abedin was at the state department on the payroll. her emails, not all of them. some of them could have been personal. most of them official business. taxpayers were paying her
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salary at the state department along with cheryl mills. they also abedin and mills did work at the clinton foundation. they were paid by them. and that ties back because when you ask james rosen about favors between the state department and clinton foundation donors, wouldn't the emails of huma abedin and cheryl mills who were at the nexus of that be a little interesting? >> again, we want to keep it where it is. but i will say this. it might be quiet an inauguration if secretary clinton wins. it could be a lot of other things happening other than -- >> -- that is the big question. let me give you a quick pit of new information. fbi source i spoke to tonight said look the big question is not what happens today and tomorrow before the election it's what happens the day after the election. are these fbi agents who feel privately tell us they have been handcuffed in this investigation, will they be allowed to follow the facts or if hillary clinton is elected, the day after, will they be told we're done? >> whistle blower law in this country so the fbi
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agents have certainly have access to the media if they want it. ed henry, thank you very much. one footnote james rosen's book "a torch kept lit" great lives. william buckley jr. big best seller. might want to check it out. new polling we have the numbers for you. then another possible scandal, big shot at the justice department was leaking stuff to the clinton campaign about the email investigation. wait until you hear this. it never ends, does it? upcoming. i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports. i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely. we're going to the playoff. allstate guarantees your rates won't go up just because of an accident. starting the day you sign up. so get accident forgiveness from allstate. and be better protected from mayhem, like me.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. the latest polling, according to cbs news hillary clinton leads donald trump by three points in the national race. "l.a. times" daily tracking poll has trump up by 5. abc news tracking poll clinton by 2. rasmussen trump by 3. investors business daily has the race a tie. got a headache yet?
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on the state front wbur poll in new hampshire has trump up by 1. university of denver has it a tie in colorado. monmouth poll in utah has trump up by 6 in that state. young us now from washington bob cusack editor of the hill newspaper tom bevan executive editor of real clear politics. in bevin, everybody goes to you and your crew for real averages. for the last two weeks trump has really cut in to secretary clinton's lead, correct? >> absolutely. we have seen two things happening. one we have seen republicans coming home. to trump. and a lot of these states that were, you know, had been a little bit more competitive than we have seen them in previous cycles places like georgia and texas and missouri and arizona. trump has expanded his lead because republicans have come home to him. other thing has happened and you mentioned in talking points marginal voters, millennials, for example, who they like sanders, they were looking at johnson, they had warmed to hillary clinton over the previous couple of weeks they might
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be shying away from her. if enough of those folks in key battleground states if they stay home that would could be real trouble spot for her campaign. >> okay. now, mr. cusack, you have a situation where fox news is now saying that hillary clinton has got 283 electoral votes and she has got the so-called blue wall states like california and new york always vote democrat, massachusetts. that's only 13 over. so if she -- if trump can peal off pennsylvania, for example, he's president. if he cleans the table on the states that are sympathetic to him, correct? >> yeah. absolutely. if he wins pennsylvania, i mean, then there is probably a president trump. because he is looking decent in ohio right now. florida is very close. i think he has got to win ohio and florida. if he doesn't win pennsylvania, but, overall, i think he is going to have to pick up one upset along the way. whether that's a wisconsin
8:16 pm
or a michigan where hillary clinton had to campaign. she is a little nervous about that state. that's usually a blue state. there is no doubt about it when we were talking a couple weeks ago about her getting 350 electoral votes it has gone down significantly. the fbi thing hurts her without a doubt. trump had momentum before that. >> if she is so nervous why isn't she campaigning very much. she did two events today both in north carolina. yesterday one in arizona. trump is like everywhere. he is going door to door. he cahe is cutting your lawn. she is very very few places. you got sanders out, you have got obama out. all the surrogates out. >> yeah. >> i don't know if she is seeing the urgency. looks like a romney situation. now, we do have new polling i want to run by you, mr. bevan, arizona, trump is up by 5 now, i don't even know what poll it is but i just got it georgia trump up only by 1. that's interesting. texas trump up by 9. those are new in tonight.
8:17 pm
do you see any states, mr. bevan, where trump -- where romney won where trump might not win? >> no. i think he is going to win probably all those states. again, those are the nbc marist polls that just came out. we have other data that has his leads much better than that in those states. utah is another one where edward mcmullen is pulling very strong. data out of utah showing trump up 6. i think his lead is sort of solidified there as well. those are the only states. the key state for him, obviously, is north carolina. that's the one battleground state that romney won and trump has got to keep it in his column and that race. >> polling from there has trump up. he is winning in north carolina. >> what's interesting, bill, is in florida and north carolina, there is a variance in the polls. two polls showing trump ahead and two polls showing clinton ahead. and the net of that in our average is that it's tied. i think that really have a toss-up state and both campaigns are certainly treating it that way. >> when are you guys going to be wanting to make a prediction? base i want to get both of
8:18 pm
you on the record. sunday night? monday? are you going to make predictions? are you going to do that? >> monday morning? >> wait until monday. >> wednesday morning, yeah. >> that's what i'll do. you know, i told you, all right. monday i'm going to hold you guys to it we will check in with you and we appreciate it directly ahead. another outrageous story justice officials feeding clinton information about the email investigation. wait until you hear this. later, watters talking to the folks in west virginia about their country. we're coming right back. hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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as california's former director of finance, i assure you, proposition 64 is a smarter, safer, more fiscally sound approach to adult-use marijuana than what our state's currently doing. so, though i've never tried marijuana, and i don't advocate others doing so, i'm voting yes on 64. to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for adults 21 and over. 64 has strict safeguards for families. and a billion dollars in new revenue for our state's greatest needs. so, vote yes on 64. truth serum segment tonight, another outrageous situation concerning the hillary clinton campaign it never ends. this man, peter kadzik, top official at the justice department. hackers exposing clinton
8:22 pm
campaign chief john podesta' email that's the wikileaks deal put out this from kadzik to podesta, quote. there is a house judiciary oversight committee today with the head of our civil division will testify. likely to get questions on state department emails. another filing in the foia case went in last night or will go in this a.m. that indicates it will be a while before the state department posts the emails, unquote. cakadzik is leaking to podesta and he is still working at the state department. what is going on? i'm angry about this. with us now our truth serum correspondent eric shawn and shannon bream. so i'm annoyed that this man kadzik is still working there after he -- he has no right to do this. he emails podesta tipping him on what's going to happen in the judiciary committee hearing.
8:23 pm
you have been in washington a long time. have you ever heard of. this just the fact that the subject line in the email said heads up should give people pause about why should you be giving people heads up in the clinton campaign when you are working in the justice department? >> yeah. you are supposed to be seeking the truth not giving somebody under investigation heads up on it he is still working there. >> he is. >> he hasn't been disciplined as far as we know. >> no, no. he is still very much involved. he and podesta go way back. why talked about how they were georgetown law school roommates. >> they are pows. >> goo -- they arepals. testified in benghazi they were at a dinner together. a lot of overlap. when podesta was in the white house and he got caught up in accused of making false statements about the monica lewenski scandal kadzik represented him. >> cad kadzik wasn't in the justice department then he was a private attorney. >> no. he was private attorney. >> he worked to get him off on another beef. how w45 does he do in the
8:24 pm
justice department now? how high up is he. >> he is works as assistant attorney general. is he liaison between congress and the doj there has been a request by republican lawmakers asking them to appoint special council in email situation. that's something kadzik turned down. >> he had the authority to turn do you know special counsel that was requested? so is he a big shot this guy kadzik. >> yeah. >> loretta lynch what does she say the attorney general? she should have suspended him off the bat. >> is he very close to the clintons. there is also connection to w. marc rich. kadzik was lobbying podesta when he was white house chief of staff. >> and kadzik was a private attorney to get this weevil off, whicweevil -- we sell we z. >> still working at the tenet that you possibly tipping off podesta in this hearing and what was going to happen and he just sings the song and the attorney
8:25 pm
general who is not on our good list just let's it go. this is called corruption. that's what this is called. all right. thank you, shannon. now, let's get over to you, sean. in 2001, you interviewed president clinton about this seedy, sleazy marc rich march done, correct? >> i did. >> roll the tape. >> mr. president, did you hand out the pardons as favors to political supporters? >> absolutely not. >> and what do you think of the perception that the poor pardon to marc rich was a payoff to denise. >> there is no evidence of it it's just something that's been charged. >> all right. so now, the marc rich pardon back in the news, why? >> because there's a web site or a twitter site that the fbi has called the fbi records vault. it's been dead. totally dormant for more than a year since last october 8th, 2015. on sunday night it suddenly kicks out an old case trump
8:26 pm
donald's father. fbi files it has heavily redacted about marc rich pardon. >> and why he got the pardon. >> marc rich when you said denise that's his wife. >> yes. >> who gave millions of dollars to the dnc, right? >> denise rich was his ex-wife a new york socialite. lived on fifth avenue a song writer. donated a million dollars to democratic causes including hillary's 2000. >> and to the clinton library. >> to the clinton foundation which was then going to build the library. >> all right. and then after she donated almost a 1.5 million, suddenly her ex-husband, living in switzerland,. >> yes. >> he couldn't come back here. he would have been arrested. gets a magical pardon. set worse tax cheat. >> $48 million worth. >> that's after denise gave the money to the clinton library and the dnc. >> pardoned o his last day in office. no charges, closed in 2006. the prosecutor on point was james comey.
8:27 pm
>> james comey was supposed to prosecute but didn't prosecute because no charges were brought in the case? >> he oversaw it earlier in the late 1980s. by th the time the charges gli -- i mean your head blows off. i feel sorry for you guys watching the program because it's one corruption after the other there are allegations. but the evidence is so overwhelming. you're seeing emails. quid pro quos all over the place. all right. we appreciate you guys. thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg and how trump is happened ling the national media right now. that should be interesting. asking about the state of the union. >> what don't you like about america? >> i get in on immigration and everything, but they capture them and take them to a detention center and turn them loose. >> catch and release. >> like a fish. >> why hope you stay tuned to those reports. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me
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into one you'll never forget. expedia plus rewards. earn points on over one million hotels, flights, and packages. personal story segment tonight. last week we spoke with elvira salazar. she was supposed to get an interview with donald trump but he kind of walked out on it that interview was never rescheduled. she joins us now in new york city. are you angry about this. >> no, not really. >> no? >> i think it was the right thing for them to do. i think it was the right move. you know, he called me on the phone tuesday night and he said he wanted to apologize for not talking to us. that he wanted us to know that he did want to talk to the hispanic community but that at this hour he needed
8:32 pm
to stay focused and he needed to not get off track. >> all right. so he was polite. he was a gentleman. he called you and explained. i would be teed off but you are much nicer than i am. now, as far as hispanics in florida are concerned, he needs, crump needs a big turnout on his behalf to win that state. do you think it's going to happen? >> i think -- cuban americans could really help him tremendously. in the last two months he has gained 20 points among cuban american voters. >> why? >> in south florida. i think president obama has helped him tremendously with his cuba policies. and basically what happened two weeks ago at the united nations. for the first time in 55 years, the united states has not voted pro-the embargo against cuba. >> all right. so cuban americans in dade county where you live in miami and then throughout the state follow this stuff very, very closely where's as a lot of americans don't
8:33 pm
know what happened at the u.n. >> absolutely. yes. >> president obama didn't vote to uphold some of the embargo, cubans got angry and that's going to help donald trump? >> i would imagine that is the straw that broke the camel's back. why? >> dade county is usually democratic though. >> it is. >> except that voting block called the cuban american. >> and you think they are going to go for trump, the majority? >> i would say that right now 60% of the cuban would go for trump. >> wow. >> he should have talked to you. i mean, that would have helped him though. he needs florida desperately. >> that's one of the reasons why he really wanted to talk to us. but i think that the wiser political move would have been five months ago, six months ago when he became the nominee to go to the heart of the community, not only to the cuban americans in miami, to the puerto ricos in central florida, to the mexicans in california and talk directly face to face about those foreign issues. >> and shows like yours.
8:34 pm
the last time we had you on the program we had a little bit of a debate about a wall. you don't feel that the wall is necessary on the southern border. of course that's a big part of trump's campaign. you want the everify and do it that way. but i support the wall not only to keep people out and i think that has to happen, we have to a have an orderly immigration process, but for the narcotics. you know, miami is awash in drugs, you know that and the drugs are coming from mexico now. not from colombia the way they used to. they are coming across that southern border and making it a lot more difficult if had a big barrier down there. >> well, maybe yes, maybe. no. >> i don't know how no. >> well, because whether you have technology and you have more border patrol. but that is a position that i think has a lot of merit. but then you have this other one that needs talked about a lot more the illegallies that are jumping the wall or croing the desert. >> i have to go but what i want to do is have a wall
8:35 pm
down there encourage poor people being exploited or assaulted when they come up by people smugglers they brutalize people. barrier there make it you haver for coyotes and cartels to get drugs in. >> when they jump they get rewarded with jobs. that's why i'm saying everify. >> i'm for that i'm absolutely for that. >> if you are going to punish one side. i think you should punish the other, the business owners. >> i want to protect the innocent people trying to get here. let them do it legally thank you ms. salazar thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> when we come right back, bernie goldberg on how trump and clinton are handling the national media right now. watters in west virginia talking about what's good and bad with america. those reports after these messages.
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thanks for stay sticks with us i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. as we mentioned in the
8:40 pm
talking points memo, hillary clinton has not done a single national interview since september 129. in this week donald trump is avoiding the national tv press as well. joining us now is the purveyor of mr. do you believe she is being a bit i imperius. >> i do think she is. you said in talking points you think she is hiding and you are right on that too. but, if i were giving her advice and not a likely possibility. but if i were giving her advice, i would tell her not to do interviews with you or anybody who is serious about this. you said you wanted straight -- answers to straight questions. bill, she can't give straight answers because she is too vulnerable. she just can't do it. >> well, you are convicting her though. you are convicting her of what the fbi is investigating her for. so,. >> tell me what is in it for
8:41 pm
her? >> i will tell you, i'm giving her the presumption of innocence, because that's the kind of guy i am. all right? >> but when -- go ahead. >> but when she -- when you ask a legitimate question, and she dances around it, bill, i know you, you are not going to sit there like a potted plant. >> of course i'm gonna come in and level the boom but why doesn't she explain it. >> because she can't explain it. i know -- i suspect you know you are being a little too kind right now. >> well, no, wait wait. >> and the audience knows it. >> if she, the secretary of state, okay, and she has been i didn't do anything wrong in the clinton foundation, i didn't take any money for influence. i didn't do anything in the email. it was a foolish personal mistake that i made, sorry i did it. if that's true. if those denials are true, she had no problem going in and explaining whatever question i asked.
8:42 pm
>> and what if it's not true? >> well then she should resign and not try to be president of the united states. why do we want a person who has committed a felony to be leading this country? >> bill, never lose that charming innocence, it's beautiful. >> you asked for an answer. if the woman knows she is a felon and still trying to bamboozle the country, it's not going to be impeachment. she is going to be in solitary confinement for 30 years. >> everything isn't a crime. look, let's think -- one question that isn't on the daily news it's a legitimate question. what if you say -- you said, mrs. clinton, that when you left office in 2,000, when your husband left office you were dead broke. those were your words, not mine. you were dead broke. now you and your husband are worth over $100 million. how did that happen in 15 years? >> that's a good question. absolutely. she will say well, we were
8:43 pm
lucky and fortunate to have people pay us to speak and we made good investments and blah blah blah blah blah, you know. >> and you would never take that and you know it. >> well, i might be skeptical in my follow-up questioning. >> right. but, i gave her advice to level with the folks. she rejected my advice. now, trump, trump, you couldn't get him off tv and now for the last week, he didn't want to be on tv anymore. what's going on there? >> i think that makes sense too, i mean, in a political sense. if he -- if he does an interview, except if it's an incredibly friendly interview, then the journalist controls the agenda. but if he goes to a rally where everybody loves him, he does the rally, he picks the subject, nobody is questioning him, it winds up on the local news at 6:00 that night in north carolina or ohio or whatever, and he
8:44 pm
gets his point out with no interrogation. >> i know, i know. >> he reaches so many more people when he does shows like this which reach millions and millions. >> but is he not going to win any more votes than he has already won by being on this network. >> i'm not show so sure about that. >> or national television not enough. >> people who weren't paying attention now the world series is over. they are kind of locked. in i'm not sure that's right. bernie, always great to talk with you. thank you. watters on deck. the west virginia edition. what do the folks there think about their country these days? watters is next. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks.
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8:49 pm
>> would you ever take me hunting? >> no. i won't. i don't know if you can keep up. >> why do i have to be in camouflage? >> have you seen a gun show? >> yes. >>.22s don't count. >> what is great about this country? >> we're going to have a little event. >> what do you think we're going to have to do to change america? >> quit donald trumping. >> what is great about america?
8:50 pm
>> we already established our selfs. >> don't let the muslims think about it. >> do you think we're winning the war against islamic terrorism? >> no. it's too wide spread. >> do you think you can take me? >> probably. >> you're probably right. >> what don't you like about america? >> immigration and everything. >> there are no jobs here for the people that are here. >> what is bad about america? >> people have no hope. health insurance problem has got to be solved. people can't afford it. >> people think they're entitled to everything. >> there is so damn much disrespect for police officers. >> we give too much.
8:51 pm
if we'd stop giving to these countries we'd be better off. >> whose world is it? >> watters world. >> you look bigger on tv. >> camera adds 10 pounds. >> can i have your shirt? >> you just want to see me shirtless. >> what she wants aman, that girl. not a whimpering little boy. >> do you know who i am? >> whose world is this? >> i don't know. >> i can't remember. >> here is watters. >> you don't want to get on the wrong side of that lady. >> no. no. >> would you say west virginia is trump territory? >> according to polls he's up by
8:52 pm
20. >> hillary clinton made a comment she's going to put coal miners out of business. and i'm glad you're accepted by the virginians. >> are we going to get betters or no? >> i hope not. >> there is no offense. crunchy people, we love them. >> we do. >> jesse watters. he now joined miller and me for the spin stops here tour next year. >> we'll see everything in tulsa, oklahoma. and to omaha, nebraska march 24th. and my home field on long island, june 17th. tickets make great christmas and
8:53 pm
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8:56 pm
that hillary clinton might take the oath of office with handcuffs dangling from her wrists. the next you say you don't take cheap shot naps appears to be inconsistent. the cuffs line was a jest, wayne, but i seed your point. however, there is a very real possibility that if secretary clinton wins the presidency, she will be confronted with an unpleasant legal situation while in office. that's not a cheap shot. that's the truth. michael, bill, i talked with hillary clinton and she says she'll do the factor if you donate $6 million to the clinton foundation. colbert's looking for writeers, send a resume. jessica, i'm a producer and tv newsroom down here. and liberals far outnumber conservatives. left doesn't think that's bias because they believe everybody thinks the way they do. eric lee perry, new castle, pennsylvania, i take exception to your solution to gun crime elevating all criminal acts with guns to the federal level does
8:57 pm
not solve the problem. the states have the right to send stringent sanctions for gun criminals. and how is that working out, eric? how's it working out. come on. certain states will never pass mandatory sentences on anything. it's always society's fault. if a gang banger shoot asinine-year-old. only tough, federal penalties will stem the violent tie tide in this country. robert, tacoma washington, where we'll be, mr. o'reilly, thank you for writing killing a rising sun. i wondered why my father had a disdain for the japanese. he bombed the river ply bridge. well my father had a measure of respect for the japanese people, not the military, but the folks. he was in the occupation after the japanese surrendered, and he was impressed by the discipline of the people. rodriguez ring walsh, your style of writing brings me back to the
8:58 pm
edward program. you make history interesting and he did the same thing. well i preerkt the compliment. and a very happy birthday to clara dimmers in north dakota, 106 today. wow. send me the menu, clara, what you're eating. i just to want know. and finally tonight, the factor tip of the day, congratulations to the chicago cubs baseball team. won the world series last night. first time in 108 years. now, you may know that the cubs and three games to one. it looked dark, did it not? but, the team did not fold. and therein lies the tip of the day. when you are behind, when you are down, when things are not going your way, get ferocious. go out there and blast off. if you lose, so what?
8:59 pm
but if you don't give up, you could win. as the cubs proved. way to go guys, enjoy your parade tomorrow. and congratulations to the cleveland indians who had a good season and was really an interesting competition. see that's what america great, competition, and you saw it. chicago and cleveland competed and the cubs won and they deserve it. that is it for us tonight. please check out fox news factor website which is different from billo' spout out from anywhere in the world. now tomorrow, there is word that the bush family is not voting for donald trump. what do you think about that? we're going to explore it tomorrow, a little controversy there. but we'll have it for you on the factor.
9:00 pm
thanks for watching, i'm bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, just five days out from election day, and we are seeing dramatic new shifts in polling. possibly putting donald trump closer to victory than ever before. welcome to the kelly file everyone, i'm megyn kelly. all across the country we are seeing signs that battleground states are tightening or even flipping in trump's favor. it has happened as we watch an explosion of negative headlines concerning hillary clinton's e-mails and her clinton foundation. and we have produced an exclusive state by state look at just how big the shift has become for you this evening. in moments we'll be joined by professor larry sabato as whether mrs. clinton's lead is


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